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Translating our breakthrough research
findings on thrombosis, hemostasis, and vascular bilology.

Thrombo Translational Research Lab Inc.



Experts in the thrombosis and hemostasis fields who create the groundbreaking medical technologies for patients.


To date, advancing our knowledge of the mechanism by which thrombus is formed has provided diagnostic and treatment approaches for patients suffered from thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications. Thrombosis that is represented as heart attack and stroke, however, is still the most deadly disease since 1 in 4 people worldwide are dying from such diseases caused by endovascular clot. The groundbreaking medical technologies are sought for creating novel diagnostic tools and anti-thrombotic drugs.

Based on the scientific discovery of the previously unrecognized blood coagulation mechanism by Dr. Kamikubo (T-TRL founder), we have invented the smart analysis of thrombin production (SMAT) with high sensitivity. We are currently applying the SMAT for in vitro diagnostics with blood or plasma.

We expect that the SMAT may allow for early identification of thrombosis and bleeding in patients and for accurately monitoring of anti-thrombotic drugs. The assays thus appear to provide innovative diagnostic approaches for more safely and efficiently prevention and treatment of diseases caused by abnormalities in thrombus formation.



"SMAT-TF" kit

We haved developed the novel blood coagulation test "SMAT-TF" kit with high sensitivity and accuracy for determining thrombin production in plasma by the tissue factor pathway.

Research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.